Testimonials and Referrals from Professional Organizing and Interior Design Clients.


"I LOVE my new office , it is so open and fresh and I feel so good and much healthier being in it and the women love coming in for snacks and seeing their pictures. The plant, coffee mugs, hook and orange paper holders were a great nice surprise. I can’t begin to thank you as I love it. "

CEO, Downtown Women's Center

"I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and service providers by virtue of having founded a community of them through SMARTY. So, it's especially meaningful when I come across someone who not only has tremendous customer service and follow through, but who also so gracefully inhabits our office space with her work ethic and methods. Amanda came in and took charge without being aggressive or bossy. It could not have been more pleasant or productive. In fact I look forward to when I will need her next because my efficiency levels soar with her around!"

Founder, SMARTY.

"We found a fantastic house but the only roadblock was that my husband was dreading the move! We found out about Amanda's services and she really made the process manageable for us - and definitely less stressful. Without the assistance Amanda and her team provided both before and after the move, we'd still be hopelessly mired in piles of boxes and clutter. Amanda helped us shed years of accumulated things that we no longer needed. Within 48 hours of the move, our belongings were logically organized and effectively stored and the packing materials and boxes gone from our home. Amanda was a pleasure to work with."

Attorney & Retired Scientist


"We have two young children and both work so moving was certainly not something we were looking forward to doing. Besides our house, we had two huge storage units full of stuff. Using Amanda's services, we emptied the storage units that we'd spent thousands of dollars on over the years and moved everything into our new home. We got rid of so much stuff! Without her help we’d still be unpacking weeks later. Seeing our new home be unpacked in one day was really a miracle and an unbelievable stress relief."

Documentary Filmaker & Author

"Thank you Amanda! I went in and lay down on the floor in front of the closet and made little carpet angels. It's so nice to have all that extra room!"



"Amanda is a pleasure to work with. She came up with great solutions for my organizational challenges without a lot of hands on work on my part. Every day when I reach for something in my home, and I can actually find it, without getting frustrated and discouraged, I say a little thank you to Amanda, for making my life wonderful. I only wish I could fly her to Maui to tackle my second home. Actually....maybe I will!"

Owner, Clothing Company


"What can I say except she is the most incredible woman I have ever met. Amanda changed my life, opened up spaces that I never knew were there. She's funny, sweet, kind and brilliant. I now know where absolutely everything is on my desk. And there's my closet. OMG! She moved some stuff around and bing, bam my closet looks and feels a million miles larger. This woman is a genius. But that's not all. She came with Peter, a handyman/carpenter who built shelves where I never even thought that shelving could go and now everything is not only neat as a pin but I actually swear to all you that I know where EVERYTHING is. She is the bomb!!!!!!!! I have recommended her to the entire world. Amen or should I say, "Awoman"."



"Amanda with Simplify was absolutely wonderful to work with! Her professionalism is the first thing I noticed, both on the phone and when we met in person. She was on time (early in fact!), took a quick assessment of my home, listened to my concerns, made sure to ask me my specific needs and what I really wanted to get accomplished. She could even sense that although I thought we'd work on my closets that day, my office was what was really driving me nuts. She suggested that tackling my office first would give me the mental space to be more productive during my day, with more energy to get to the other projects on our next session together. She was totally right and it was nice to have an expert point that out to me. In about 4 hours Amanda had whipped my office into shape! She's very decisive with what needs to be done, but never bossy! She explains the pros and cons of keeping an item and even sets your mind at ease by creating a "decide later" pile if you aren't quite ready to make a decision on something. But we did make a decision on everything by the end of the day (and yes, most of the "undecided pile" went!) She is able to accomplish A LOT in a very small amount of time, but none of it felt tedious at all. I felt like she was in charge (in a good way) of what to tackle next and we got it done. Shelf by shelf, piece of paper by piece of paper. My office has never been so tidy! And she had great tips on which supplies to buy to help stay organized as well as online site, donation centers, what to tackle on my own when she left, etc. Amanda is also very easy to be around. She is very sweet, easy to talk to and you can tell she really cares about her work. But definitely no sitting around and gabbing, we were working the entire time! I am very excited to work with her again (next week in fact!) and I feel like I now have a secret weapon to tackle overwhelming clutter and disorganization - Amanda Hughes!"



Amanda, I wanted to take the time to thank you again for your assistance helping me get organized while living in California and how it impacted my move back to Michigan. As you know, my downsizing from a 4 bedroom house in Michigan to a 2 bedroom condo in California was really stressful and I was overwhelmed with both the amount of "stuff" I had as well as where to put it. Your half day sessions helped me to get organized as well as to let go of a lot of things I didn't use or need anymore - and you did it without pressuring me. I decided to move back to Michigan and now organized, my move back was painless. All of my plastic bins were labeled and it was SO easy to get unpacked once I returned. Most importantly, I am no longer overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" I own and have continued to downsize and simplify my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help and support during this process!!!

VP of Sales


"I hate moving. But Amanda and her team made it easy and painless to move into a new apartment. The bonus is that the new place is better-organized and more usable than our old one, all thanks to Amanda. The short version is that we got one of the "guys and a truck" services to move our boxes into our new place. We then had Amanda and two of her assistants come over and, in one whirlwind 8-hour day, they unboxed everything, set it all up, organized, and helped us sort stuff. Amanda's team showed up on time and did an amazing job. They literally have label-makers clipped to their hips. They got our bathroom, kitchen, home office, and bedroom basically set up in just a day. "



"Amanda and her team recently helped me organize my kitchen. I knew it would be helpful, but I had no idea what a difference it would make and how much time it would save me. Now that everything has a place and all similar items are together, I can find everything I need, easily put things away and my kids can help. It's made a huge difference. > Amanda is a great investment in your sanity and productivity! "

reynolds public relations


"I am a huge fan of Amanda. In 4 hours she organized my life. She moved things around, gave me a painless way to get rid of stuff I don't need and gave me a place for everything. That was round 1. Round 2 was my office - wow, what a difference that made. I have Action items separated by when I will do them, I have a box for returns, I have a "today" basket. And, I have so much more room. I have decided that I cannot organize again without her help and I am a semi organized person so I can only imagine how great she would be for someone who is really disorganized. She is awesome. I have recommended her to everyone I know."

owner, event planning company


"I am on the road a lot for work and have a home office as my hub. With limited time in my office, I need it to be as organized as possible so I can easily find what I need and then go back out to meet with clients. With Amanda’s system, it not only has made life easier, but has given me the freedom to enjoy my weekends not working! I like that the process was simple. Amanda showed up, asked me some questions, and presented a proposal that fit my needs and personality. The whole process was easy and painless. In my business, time is money and hiring Amanda was one of the best decisions I have made. It was an investment that has allowed me to spend more time with my clients. It has paid off in my work being more efficient."

Key Accounts Manager


"Erin [assistant organizer] was incredible and I am so thrilled I got to work with her. Now that I am organized, I can actually get to my work and after I catch up, I want to work with her on my home office."



"I recently hired Amanda to work with a client of mine whose home I was decorating. A few minutes into our first meeting, I knew I had made the right choice. Her friendly, easy-going, professional demeanor immediately put my client and I at ease and assured us that our project was in very capable hands.

She was an expert in bringing innovative and budget-conscious solutions to a very demanding client. Her pleasant demeanor, trustworthiness, and time-conscious completion of the project surpassed what was expected, and my client mentioned many times how excited he was with the work she had done. She effectively created an organized, peaceful environment from chaos. I very much look forward to working with her on future projects."

Interior Designer


"Amanda did exactly what she promised: She simplified a new home that seemed cluttered and overwhelming. Working with Amanda is easy, she is super efficient and gets the job done! I am so grateful to have found her and my home and life are so much more streamlined, elegant and efficient."




"I can happily endorse Amanda Hughes, Professional Organizer.  She gave me a phenomenal kick-start on an embarrassing backlog of filing - we set up a new system, knocked out a ton of file creation, and left me feeling motivated and energized for the rest of the ongoing project - all in four hours!"


Health Psychologist


"Amanda of Simply changed my business filing life! Although I was organized in other areas, I had a hard time making sense of my business papers and filing, so my desk was piled with papers! Amanda came in and made it so simple (funny pun that was not intended) and now I am maintaining my papers in a filing system that is organized and easy to use. So it makes filing not such a task! I would recommend her to anyone and will use her again when I have the need!"

Owner, Klean Bath and Body


"My wife has teased me for years about my messy desk and lack of 'systems.' I've always said that even though no one else knows where anything is, I do, and that's all that counts. The truth is that I was wrong. Working in disorder doesn't lay a strong foundation for success and now that Amanda has straightened me out, I find that I approach my day differently and with a sense of purpose when I arrive to my office. I thought it would be a painful process as organization is the last thing on my mind, but she made it easy, actionable and specific to my work and business. She's the expert - I can't recommend her enough."

Creator, Indo-Row


"Amanda Hughes, of Simplify, is phenomenal - life-changing. She is a whirlwind of efficiency, and she left me with a workspace that emotes just that - efficiency."

Personal Trainer

"After a year of saying that I could do it myself and not getting it done, I called Amanda in to get my closet and clutter together!  Knowing that it was constantly on my 'to do' list, and being ruled by that guilt caused me to not be able to fully relax at home- in fact it made me stay less at home!  She worked with me quickly and efficiently, and more importantly, made it easy without leaving a mess.  I'm home much more now, guilt free with relaxed shoulders."


"I have always had clutter problems, but after having my first child, the clutter issue got out of control. Amanda came to my home and began organizing my home one room at a time. Every time she finished a cupboard or closet I had such a feeling of relief. She was so meticulous with each area that she organized, I could hardly even recognize them. Even my kitchen cupboard shelves are labeled so everyone knows where to put things! I never realized how much my clutter had been affecting my level of stress at home, and since having Amanda organize me, I have had more time to spend with my baby, and less time looking for things. Her services for our family were priceless!"

Stay-at-home Mom

"We can’t thank Amanda enough for minimizing all the stresses that come along with life and the arrival of a little one. Amanda not only effortlessly translated our sense of life and design preferences into a beautiful nursery that I could have only dreamt about, but she also transformed our home from a clutter-filled mess to a fresh, organized and green paradise! How awesome and refreshing it has been to be able to focus our full love and attention on our baby girl Saydee while enjoying the freedom of our new, clutterless and eco-conscious life!"

Director of Finance
Kaiser Permanente

"When it comes to organizing closets, I thought I did alright, but was never impressed with my results. Amanda showed me a regimented way to organize my closet items and I truly feel like I can keep up with the system she created. My closet is picture perfect and I have a place for everything! Plus, she kept me honest about getting rid of the things that were adding clutter and consequential stress to my life. I've been freed!"

Sales Manager

"I moved and was extremely overwhelmed. Sometimes you just don't know where to start when things are lying everywhere. Amanda jumped right in and found a home for everything! Amanda was such a relief!"

Business Development Manager