Summer 2011 Organizing Newsletter

What images do you conjure when you think of summer?  Juicy peaches. Sand between your toes.  Frozen yogurt and popsicles.  Read on for tips on how to enjoy all of these things and so much more!  And don't miss out on an amazing organizing workshop hosted in LA by my colleague and friend Andrew Mellen.

Simply yours,

Reminder - Slow Down!  It's Summer!
We're in the age of speed  - everything keeps getting faster and faster. Hi-speed Internet, fast-food, 5-minutes to whiter teeth, shakes rather than meals, 8-minute abs, the 4-hour work week....  With all this speed, we're going somewhere fast - but where? Working with my clients, I often hear the remark - "I simply do not have time to get organized." 

Take a moment (say the 5 minutes while you're whitening your teeth) and really think about all of the ways you speed up your life.  Where is this speed getting you so much quicker?  It seems like the classic tale of the turtle and the hare needs to be re-visited.  When you're on the racetrack of your day does it merely spit you out at the end, exhausted and catatonic in front of the TV?  If so, is all this speed serving you?  My wish for you, especially during the joyous days of the holidays, is to live life in the SLOW lane.  Really be in the moment when you are doing anything - do not jump ahead in your mind to the next task on your to do list.  As the acclaimed author Eckart Tolle profoundly teaches, practice the Power of Now. 

My colleague and friend is finally making it out to LA to host an organizing workshop!  He's fantastic - don't miss him!  Here's the info:
August 3, 7:30pm - 9:00pm  
Park La Brea Theater in Los Angeles, CA  
Join Andrew for his first appearance in Los Angeles. Produced by Rare Bird Lit,this special 90-minute workshop and presentation offers several opportunities to win consultations with Andrew as well as other prizes. For more information, visit Rare Bird Lit.  Tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets.