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This month's newsletter features ten action-packed steps you can take to simplify your life today! Read on....

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Top Ten List: Ways to Simplify Your Life TODAY
1. Wake Up Early I can already hear the groans. Sleeping in can be addicting. But once you experience the calm that this quiet time can bring to your entire day, you will be a convert (just give it a try!). I like to do 10 minutes of meditating. I also have time to get my work-out in. I really love running (okay, walking!) down by the beach. Watching the sunrise and greeting the day helps erase the pain of the blaring alarm that got you there. Just think, no more rushing to grab a cup of coffee, burning your tongue in your eagerness to get some caffeine to wake up, realizing you forgot your car keys in the house, and then proceeding to sit in rush hour traffic. I know this is a tough pill to swallow for you night owls, but I'm only asking you to try it.

2. Do One Thing At A Time Most of us sit at our computers with the best of intentions, thinking 'I'm going to work on Project X and get it done today!' Then your phone is blinking with a new text message. Next thing you know, your emails keep buzzing in, while you're getting linked and tweeped! You start reading the tweeps. Then you notice that your friend from first-grade added you on facebook. You get the idea. So take it from the Queen of Procrastination, if you ever want to get anything done, you will focus on one thing at a time until it is complete. Turn off ALL distractions, set a timer, and work on your ONE thing until the timer stops. You'll be amazed at your progress.

3. Set Time Amounts for Technology Technology is friend and foe. It's so easy to let technology steal the one thing from you that you will never get back - time. So set clear limits for yourself. One hour for TV. One hour to check your facebook, LinkedIn, personal email, etc. If it's too drastic to start today, just set the limits that work for you today and implement them tomorrow or on the weekend.

4. De-Clutter and Organize ONE Space Visual clutter causes mental clutter. By clearing away the distractions in your space, you will find that your mind has more room to think. Start small. Choose a drawer, a shelf, something manageable to finish in 10-20 minutes. Now clear everything out (I mean everything!). Toss anything that is not important to keep. Clean out the space and put back the important items in an organized manner. Now do this for a whole week and see how you feel!

5. Drop or Delegate One Responsibility We all have those obligations that make our stomach turn when we think about doing them. Choose the one that you most despise, and STOP doing it. Make the call or send the email to remove it from your life. Whether it's a Board you sit on once a month or one of your weekly errands. If you can't drop it all together, find a way to delegate it. For me, I despise doing laundry. I trade shifts with my fiancé and it has made such a difference!

6. Write Down 3 Tasks for the Next Day Before Bed Before I go to bed, it helps clear my head by writing down three main things I want to get done the next day. For instance, last night I wrote that today I wanted to 1) write this newsletter, 2) make and send brownies to a friend, and 3) update my business financials. That's it. Not too bad.

7. Create Space for Out-the-Door Supplies How many of us have got to our car, or even worse, to our destination, only to realize we forgot something at home? Prevent this from happening by simply creating a space for your out-the-door supplies (keys, wallet, etc.). It doesn't have to be some fancy system you buy (although it can be). A large bowl will work just fine.

8. Double Up Dinner As I've passed the 30-year threshold, I've begun to embrace the joy of a home-cooked meal (and I'm not talking Raman noodles). I usually cook five nights a week. I always make double the amount we're going to eat for dinner. I eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. It saves me both time and money. And let's be honest, our home-cooked meals are usually a tad healthier than what we buy if we go out for lunch.

9. One Act of Kindness You may wonder how performing an act of kindness can simplify your life. For me, it's a reminder that the simplest gestures can transform someone's day. Here's a few simple ideas to get you started:
- Giveyour magazines that you just read to friends/neighbors (bonus for being environmentally
- Sometimes pay for the person in front of you at the dry cleaners if they only have one or two
items. It makes their day and it only costs a few dollars.
- Smile. Simple yet effective.
- When making cookies/brownies, use the double up method again. Make twice as much as you want
and give the rest away (do not eat all of them!).

10. Get Your Social Media Under Control I keep preaching about getting our addictions to technology under control. But at the same time, I really do think there are some amazing ways to connect with people using technology. One tool I use is It allows me to update ALL of my accounts (facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.) all at the same time. I can even set a timer for when I want the messages sent.