October 2010 Newsletter

Fall is here!   The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and school is in session.  Fall air often carries a breeze that whispers to us – ‘get a new cozy sweater and a great pair of boots for the season.’  But before you slip on those new boots, check out my interview with renowned Image Consultant and Therapist, Kimberly Seltzer.  Her advice will help you first make room in your closet!  Then bring on the boots!  Read on...

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Tip of the Month

Have those items of clothing that are full of memories but you’ll never wear again?  Can’t bear to part with them?  Purchase a memory box – a simple plastic container will do.  Put all of those clothes in the box and store it somewhere other than your closet or on a top shelf so that you have room for the things you actually do wear.

Simplify…. Your Fall Wardrobe
Interview with Kimberly Seltzer, Personal Image Consultant & Therapist

I have a passion to simplify my life and, hopefully, inspire others through my work to simplify their own life in some tangible way.  It often involves getting rid of “stuff”.   Closets are often the bearers - the secret keepers - of so many things that we choose to ignore, get to on a rainy day, or allow the voice in our heads to tell us ‘I will need it someday.’ 

But it’s these closets full of “stuff” that serve as mirrors of our lives.  Too much going on – I bet your closet is full, too.  Avoiding dealing with certain situations – I would place my hard-earned dollars on your closet having things you’ve been avoiding for a long time.  I’ve come to realize that you can get to know a lot about a person by taking a look at their secret keepers – their closets!  I invited Personal Image Consultant and Therapist, Kimberly Seltzer, to help us on our journey to clear out the clutter and usher in Fall with open (and empty!) arms. 

Kimberly merged her skills as a therapist and passion for fashion and became an image consultant.  She has been trained by one of the top image consultants, The Rothschild Image in Los Angeles.  She is also trained as a Style Coach through the Style Coaching Institute in the UK which teaches the unique use of life coaching, NLP and styling.  Her philosophy is simple…work from the inside out.

AH: Most people automatically think of adding new pieces to their wardrobe when a new season rolls around.  Let’s first talk about what pieces you should take OUT of your closet.

KS: While working with clients, we do something I call “Purge and Splurge.”  We spend three hours getting rid of or clearing space for the new.  We create three piles – keep, repair, and get rid of.   If you haven’t worn the item in two years, get rid of it.  We also do a lot of re-arranging so you can actually see what you have.  The way you arrange your closet – colors, lifestyle, seasons, or combination of all of these, will allow you to see things you forgot you had.  People hang onto things for many reasons and most of these reasons are emotional – for example, I wore that dress on my first date with my husband.  I call these pieces Memory Clothes.  With clients, we create a memory box for all these items that can be stored elsewhere. Psychologically you know they are still there but they’re not taking up room in your closet.  Another thing I often see is clothes with tags that are the result of “sales sprees” – when you see something on sale, and even if you don’t need it or it doesn’t fit you well – you buy it because it’s on sale.  Get rid of these things!  They are a constant reminder of the guilt you feel for buying them in the first place. 

AH: The way we dress and carry ourselves is a reflection to the outer world of how we think of ourselves.  What are three things people can do today to ensure that their clothing and appearance are reflecting to the world the image they want to portray?

KS: There is a message behind what you’re wearing.  The definition of image is how others perceive you which, ultimately, determines how others will treat you.  It only takes 30 seconds to make a first impression.  People look at two things – first, your attitude, and second, your clothes.  First, I encourage people to wear what I call Confidence Clothing – clothes that you are comfortable in and fit you really well.  Second, don’t forget the details – don’t’ wear anything with small tears, a missing button, etc.  Third, make sure your clothes fit your body type.  Know your body type!  The way something looks on a hanger does not always translate into how it will look on YOUR body.  Fourth, know what colors flatter your skin tone.  Lots of studies show that what color you wear can communicate different things.  For example, blue suggests authority so it’s a great color to wear on an interview. 

AH: Okay, now the fun part, once you’ve cleared out the clutter in your wardrobe, what are some key pieces to add for fall? 

KS: Jeans, jeans, jeans!  You can dress them up and down.  And again, know your body type.  For example, if you are petite, know that pencil jeans work on you because they elongate you. There are so many ways to trick the eye.  Another staple is a good blazer because it can, again, be dressed up and down.  Also, some good fitted white shirts because they are great for layering.  If you buy less expensive items from H&M and Gap, make sure they fit well and mix them with killer accessories and a great bag.  Gold hoops are fantastic.  And I love the great fitted black pants that Theory makes.  A LBD (little black dress) is also a staple – it should be a timeless piece.
AH: And for those out there that can spend no more than $100 updating their wardrobe, how can they most wisely spend that money?

KS: Recycling is great – using what you already have by re-arranging your closet so you see things you forgot you had.  There’s also great second hand stores that have prices that can fit any budget.    When buying from H&M and Forever 21, err on the side of caution because the sizes can run differently and the fit needs to be perfect.  The outlet stores have great deals if you have time to sift through it all.