July 2010 Newsletter

Dear friend,

Would you rather…. Give yourself paper cuts OR move?
Would you rather… Face a den of lions OR move?

For most of us, we’d take paper cuts and a pack of lions any day over the prospect of moving.  Besides organizing moves for clients, I moved myself this weekend.  Check out my tips from the trenches in the article below. Read on...

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Top Ten Moving Tips
Day After My Move
I’ve been blessed (read: cursed) with the odd genetic coding of actually enjoying moving.  My penchant for packing and unpacking has served my clients well.  I help clients organize their entire move down to the details of alphabetized spices and color-coded closets.  I moved myself over the weekend and wanted to share with you some tips from the trenches:

1.    Prep, prep, prep!: Just as the motto for finding a home is “location, location, location”, actually moving into that home is all about your prep work.  It’s like painting a room, the better prep work you do, the easier the paint will go on. 

2.    Make a list: I know I’m an organizer so it’s no surprise that I suggest making a list.  However, even for you anti-list people with super human brains that can remember everything, make moving the exception to your rule and MAKE A LIST.  Now what goes on that list….

3.    De-Clutter: This should be in bold and all CAPITALS on your list.  I suggest putting a few boxes/tupperwares around the house.  Anytime you are in a room and see something that you don’t need, put it in one of the containers.  For my own move, I took two car loads full of stuff to donate!  Seriously, don’t under-estimate this step.  Do you really want to lift and pack your 7 boxes of heavy magazines every single time you move over and over again!?

4.    Handle Utilities and Change of Address: Go to usps.com to change your address.  Make a list of all magazines you receive and go on their website and you can update your new address (besides, now that you don’t have your seven boxes of old magazines, you’re going to want to get your new ones!).  Contact all utilities and transfer services.  Also, don't forget to re-register to vote - you can do this online.

5.    Hire Movers or Pick some Midwesterners to Help: Movers are not inexpensive but they really do make the process so much easier.  They have the right supplies to wrap your furniture so it doesn’t get damaged and they know how to drive those big trucks.  Even better, if you can afford it, hire an organizer to execute the move.  If you are a do-it-yourselfer, know that moving is all about the power of numbers.  The more people you can get/bribe/blackmail to help, the faster your move will go.  Now I may be biased as a Wisconsiner, but there is nothing like the work ethic of someone from the Midwest.  People that grew up on farms plowing fields and shucking corn rather than surfing, to grossly generalize, will probably make better helpers. 

6.    Get your Supplies: Now that you’ve assembled your team, whether that’s movers or friends and family, you need to make sure you have what you need to get packed up.  I like to get boxes from the grocery store.  They’re free and it’s more environmentally friendly.  Call the manager of your local store and they will set aside boxes for you.  You will also need packing tape, markers, colored paper, and bubble wrap. 

7.    Pack: Let the packing begin!  When I coordinate moves for clients, each room in the new house is assigned a color.  As boxes are packed, a colored-label is applied to each one based on which room I want it to end up in.  Color-coding makes it easy for the movers too. 

8.    ER Box: I pack two tupperwares that I take myself.  One contains extra moving supplies, important phone numbers, cell charger, laptop, and keys.  The other box contains items that I will need the first day/night of the move.  It contains a few clean towels, fresh sheets for the beds, and the basic toiletries.

9.    Food: Moving is hard work and you and your helpers will get hungry!  The day before the move I call and order lunch and dinner and have it delivered to the new place. 

10.    Hire an Organizer: Now if all these steps seem like too much to take on, my shameless plug is to hire someone like me to do everything for you!