Downtown Women's Center 2012

In 2012, Simplify. dedicated its time to spearheading an amazing group of talented interior designers to overhaul a local women's shelter.

The Downtown Women's Center renovated its building downtown that re-opened on November 1st, 2012 for 48 previously homeless women.  Besides each woman's room, the building has some community spaces for all the women to use.  We were invited to use our design talents to help transform these spaces into welcoming sanctuaries for these women.

There are 14 community rooms, each with a designer dedicated to transforming it for the women that moved in. Here is our team: 

Amanda Hughes: Chair of Design Team Kitchen 1, Kitchen 2, Kitchen 3
C.C. Boyce: Community Room 2nd Floor
Christine Haenan: Front Lobby, Counselor's Office
Coriann Bright: Resident Manager's Apartment
Courtney Martinez: Counselor's Office 3rd Floor
Debby Adelman: Lobby, Case Manager's Office
Emily Louise Jacks: Community Room 3rd Floor
Julie Maigret: Outdoor Patio, Counselor's Office 2nd Floor
Kristin Schwab: Hallways
Melanie Freeland: Community Room 2nd Floor
Nancy Quynh: Resident Manager's Office 
Nicole Facciuto: Outdoor Patio, Couselor's Office 2nd Floor 
Sae Kim: Resident Manager's Office